Critics Split on M. Night Shyamalan’s Atypical Superhero Film, ‘Glass’

Article by Lena Anyuolo
Posted: January 15, 2019  

This January, M. Night Shyamalan’s anticipated movie Glass will finally land in Kenyan cinemas. Early critic reviews are giving it mixed reactions.

The applause for Shyamalan’s world building skill is unanimous, it’s in the conclusion that the praise starts to fragment, with some calling it bloated, messy, full of pedantic dialouge and ultimately, a film at war with itself.  On the other side of the divide is adulation for a movie that is bold and breaks the mold of the super hero film genre.

Glass is expected to debut on January 18th and box office projections expect it to rake in $50 -75 million on its opening weekend. The major draw in for the film is the stand-off between David Dunn (Bruce Willis), and Kevin Crumb (James McAvoy) for ultimate super human status.

David is introduced to us in Unbreakable (2000) after he survives a train crash and discovers his super strength and a telepathic ability to learn of people’s criminal abilities by touching them. His discovery sends him down a vigilante path, earning him the title of Overseer.

Kevin is introduced to us in Split (2016) where, in addition to his horde of 23 personalities, he acquires a 24th, that also lends him super human abilities sending him on a murderous path of executing those he deems impure if they have not undergone suffering in their lives.

As we eagerly await for it to hit cinemas, here are few things you need to know about Glass from Shyamalan himself:

• You don’t have to watch Split and Unbreakable to understand Glass. Despite it being a sequel, he pitched it to Disney as a stand-alone film, therefore it can be watched as such.

• The trailer isn’t what you think Glass will be about. Expect a lot of twists and turns.

• It is not heavy on CGI and special effects. Glass has a production budget of $20 million, which, compared to Split‘s $9 million budget, seems like a generous offering, but it’s still a low budget film by Hollywood’s standards.

• The movie was meant to be 3 hours long but Shyamalan trimmed the recaps to prequels in order to fit into the current 2 hours, 9 minute runtime.

About the author

Lena Anyuolo

Lena is a former KenyaBuzz employee.


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