Creepy Things We Think Are Normal

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Posted: November 05, 2019

Ever been accused of being creepy …, just me then? There are things we do that we think are normal but turns out society says they are kind of creepy. Here are some interesting examples.

Getting Into Strangers’ Cars



Once upon a time, we understood that we shouldn’t enter stranger’s cars let alone indulge them in a conversation. It’s 2019, we quite literally enter stranger’s cars and even direct them to our house.  Even worse we sometimes do it when we are incapacitated and its normal “apparently”.

Reality Shows

Who was it that decided that reality shows were needed in society? Like for real, what was life before all access passes to people’s homes and lives? Now they beg for privacy. So is it so normal to follow people on social media and on Tv? I will leave that answer to you.

The Whole Torn Clothes Thing

Remember long time ago when your parents would scold you for wearing torn clothes. How we have changed, we are now buying expensive clothes that make you look sort of homeless. Although this is the Yeezy Collection, have we reached the point where looking homeless is fashion? You decide.


Invasion of Personal Space

Personal space, oh personal space, where art thou? There comes a time when people feel way to comfortable and enter your personal space and make you feel awkward. So in the case someone creepily comes towards you and you don’t like it, take a step back.

Online Dating

We have finally normalized creepy behavior. There was a time when courtship was actually going on dates and trying to be ‘steady’ enough to marry the person. Now it seems everything is at a touch of a finger, even love. Online dating,  we swipe left on who we dont like, swipe right on who we do.  We talk to strangers with the end goal of finding your partner for life. How creepy can we get?


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