Laugh and Sing With ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

Article by Wangechi Maina
Posted: November 20, 2015  

I was concentrating on this new show I’d just been recommended to watch when someone burst out into song. Smack in the middle of it! That was when I realized Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was a musical dramedy.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend follows Rebecca Bunch, a single woman in her late 30s who still has a thing for Josh, the boy who dumped her after their summer camp fling- when she was 16! And you thought you had problems!

Co-creator Rachel Bloom plays the lead character Rebecca. Rebecca has just made partner at a leading law firm in New York but after unexpectedly bumping into Josh she quits and decides to follow him back to his hometown of West Covina California to get closer to him but under the guise of needing a fresh start. Crazy Ex is a breath of fresh air amongst shows about female protagonists who have it all and don’t show their weaknesses. Rebecca is a broken and vulnerable woman, frightening yes but also realistic, as admittedly women can be.

She’s that one friend each of us has amongst our group of friends; the one you lie awake worrying about at night. If you don’t think you have a Rebecca in your circle, you’re most likely her. Speaking from an ex’s perspective, Crazy Ex is embarrassingly accurate. It’s a reflection of you; whatever side of the gender divide you’re in.

You should watch Crazy Ex because it’s entertaining and hilarious. For its weird but compelling premise; which high flying lawyer leaves her career to chase after a teenage love that’s still skateboards?

For its theme song that, trust me, you won’t stop humming to after its introduction in the second episode. “West Covinaaa, Californiaaa” and other songs with perfectly-written lyrics.

When Rebecca isn’t hounding Josh or breaking into outstanding, satirical and catchy numbers, she has a day job, a boss and office BFF who complement her breakout performance. Bloom is superb as Rebecca; centric yet delightful. She believably alternates between her character’s confidence in her profession and low self-esteem.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a delight to watch.


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