Borrowed Embrace: Miran and Adrian Adopt Duday!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: May 09, 2022  

Miren and Adrian have finalized their adoption for Duday! They got into a car accident and ended up losing their daughter, a tragedy that Miren found difficult to overcome.  They were however able to heal from the situation after meeting Duday.

Duday is a young girl from an orphanage that Adrian has been supporting. She ran away from the orphanage because the other children bullied her by hiding in Adrian’s car. She got inside his house and Miren got upset with her for using her child’s room. The couple wanted to return to her after they found her hiding in their house. Duday did not want to go back to the orphanage, so she decided to run away from Adrian’s house as well. Adrian and Miren found her sick with measles and had to take her to the hospital. She could not return to the orphanage since she might infect the other children so Miren and Adrian let her stay with them as she recovered. Her bubbly nature eventually won over their hearts and they decided to adopt her.

It seems like Miren and Adrian will have the family they have always wanted but trouble is already brewing. Duday is Rowena’s daughter and Rowena has been looking for her ever since the day she lost her. Will Miren and Adrian also lose Duday when Rowena finds her?

Keep watching “Borrowed Embrace” on NTV Kenya every Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm to find out.

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