Borrowed Embrace: Benjo Kidnaps Miren and Duday!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: June 20, 2022  

Benjo kidnapped Miren and Duday! Things had been going well for him and Dessa after they got custody of Duday. Miren was not able to process the adoption papers in time and Benjo took advantage of this to take Duday. He has hoped that this would give him the chance to take the money Rowena left for Duday but he was utterly disappointed. The lawyer told him that they had to ensure the money was not misused.

As Benjo tried to find a way to get Duday’s money, Dessa was forced to take care of the girl. She constantly mistreated Duday, who soon realized that she had been tricked into going with her real father. She ran away from home and was finally reunited with her adoptive parents; Miren and Adrian.

Adrian had recovered from his accident and returned home to be with his family. His memories had been distorted from the accident but he was able to remember that Benjo was the one who had attacked him. Adrian reported him to the police and Benjo was arrested.

Benjo however escaped from prison. He used the chance to earn some money from the Sandejos by kidnapping Miren and Duday and ask for a ransom. Adrian was able to rescue Duday but Benjo still had Miren. She was able to escape from him but Benjo is still on her trail. Will Adrian be able to save her?

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