Blaze Launches E-Learning Platform: Blaze Link

Article by Mari
Posted: July 18, 2019

Blaze, Safaricom’s youth empowerment brand has launched an e-learning platform for people under 26 named Blaze Link is a site similar to Udemy or LinkedIn Learning. Participants will have access to lessons that will enable them to gain skills for the digital career best suited for them.

The platform is  in partnership with Brighter Monday, Google, IBM, Wezesha, and Cloud Factory to allow participants a link to available jobs. To sign up, interested candidates visit this link where they will perform a round of tests to determine which roles match their skills and preferences. Blaze Link will then generate relevant courses for them.

“Blaze Link is a new addition to the Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) platform, which is focused on empowering the youth as they journey towards success. We are leveraging on the power of digital platforms so that we can reach those who cannot make it to the BYOB summits and creation camps,” said Michael Joseph, Safaricom CEO.

Blaze Link will have both paid and exclusive content; ranging from articles to masterclass videos covering agribusiness, creative arts, fashion, film & photography, music, technology, and production & sales. Charges will also apply to any data downloaded from the site. The master classes will be delivered by local category experts including Caleb Karuga (Agribusiness), Tosh Gitonga (Film & Photography), Eric Musyoka and Naiboi (Music) among others.

The tool is only available to Kenyans. It currently doesn’t have plugins to allow users to share their skills on social media. Link will not issue a certificate but can only show users their top strengths and attributes.


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