Asintado: Should Ana Give Up Gael?

Article by Flora
Posted: December 13, 2019

Ana and Samantha were separated as children after losing their parents in a fire and were adopted by different families. The two met again as adults but ended up as enemies after they both fell in love with Gael.

Samantha did her best to get rid of Ana and get married to Gael but unfortunately, their marriage did not last. Gael filed for an annulment and after the death of their daughter Eli, nothing ties him to Samantha.

Gael got back together with Ana, the woman he always loved but their relationship might be on the rocks after the revelation about Ana and Samantha being sisters. Ana is desperate to reconnect with her sister but Samantha demands that she leave Gael for them to get along. Do you think Ana should give up on Gael for the sake of her relationship with her sister?

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