Asintado: Ana Takes Stella’s Identity

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: September 26, 2019  

Ana has been in trouble ever since she got in trouble with Gael and the Del Mundos. She was shot and left for dead for testifying against Salvador in a murder case but she was lucky enough to survive after Celeste and Xander saved her.

Ana woke up from a 6-month coma to find out that apart from trying to kill her, Salvador was also behind the fire that killed her parents. She has therefore joined Celeste and her team in an effort to find evidence against Salvador and make him pay for all his crimes. A problem however arose because Salvador knew her and could easily identify her.

Ana and her team found a way around this predicament by turning Ana into Stella. Stella is Xander’s deceased wife, a former heiress who resembles Ana in every possible way. Ana therefore has to learn to talk, act and breath like Stella Dela Torre in order to deceive the Del Mundos and infiltrate their circle.

What do you think of Ana’s new identity as Stella?


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