Are you still scared of independent women?

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Posted: April 01, 2020
Could men’s resistance to the independent woman be a fear of the changing of the status quo?

Picture this: you’re in a restaurant on a night out with a friend when you notice the couple sitting next to you. They’re both smartly dressed, indicating that they’ve probably just left work and met up for a date.

They’ve enjoyed their meal, and the waiter brings the bill.

The lady motions to receive it, but the gentleman says to pass it to him. She insists, but he takes it saying, ‘I would never let a lady pay my bill.’ They lady is visibly taken aback, but she lets it slide.

What would be your first reaction have been to seeing this? What would your reaction have been if you were the lady? Was there any one person who acted out of order?

It seems like the subject of independent women is always very polarizing, from those who celebrate women’s independence to those who claim that it sometimes go overboard or may even be against it. The internet and daily conversations are flooded with ‘experts’ who claim that self sufficient women are this negative thing or the other.

So many claims are made regarding what they don’t do well, and what they take away from relationships or families…But we’ve also gone from women not being able to vote, own property, work, such basic things in reality, to them being afforded only some of these things and there’s still pushback.

The strongest voices opposing the financial and social independence always seem to be men. It’s easy to see why: for the longest time, men were the preeminent force in any and everything. Women were predominantly relegated to the home and even when in the workforce, they still deferred to men as the final decision makers.

Men had a pretty sweet deal, which also meant very little accountability for decisions made because the only person who could challenge you was another man. Could men’s resistance to the independent woman be a fear of the changing of the status quo?

We’ve gone from societies where men were the primary breadwinners and women were homemakers, to women being able to earn more than men. Women now demand equal participation in decision making in all spheres, and in some cases they are the authority.

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Gentleman says to pass it to him:

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