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Posted: November 13, 2019

It’s hard to believe that a decade ago mobile devices that had a wifi feature ran up to Ksh40,000 (yes this was once a LOT of money) and a decade before then, tech savvy youth were termed as

It only shows that times are ever-changing, that today’s reality is tomorrows relic. With technologists working double shifts to create a nuanced digital reality that aims at making life easier for everyone; apps have quickly become a paramount aspect of our modern-day life.

In this piece, we look at app genres that you need to survive in Nairobi.

Ride-Hailing Apps

With their popularity growing,  ride-hailing apps has become a million-dollar industry the world over. The convenience of hailing a ride from the comfort of your house/home has quickly become part of our new reality. With Nairobi’s state of traffic together with the need to move from place to place in comfort, especially in the ungodly hours of the night or when there is a sudden need to do so, ride-hailing apps have become a gem everyone needs to have on their smartphones.

Dues to matters competition, the number of ride-hailing apps keeps growing exponentially. Here are some of the ride-hailing apps that exist: Uber, Bolt, SafeBoda, Little Cab and Swvl.

Money Lending Apps

The reality of life is that from time to time we find ourselves in a financial fix, and with the current way of life especially in this concrete jungle where every man lives for his self, financial constraints can leave you to your own devices. Money lending apps promise an easy fix to this problem. Are you in a financial fix? Download the app and get a quick loan; often at a fee.

Here are some of the money lending apps you should know about in case you run out of cooking gas in the middle of making your ugali.

Food Delivery Apps

In this era of Netflix and Chill, where we spend most of our time-consuming content on our digital devices, we have very little time to whip up a meal. In typical tech fashion; this niche was quickly developed, providing  food on the other side of an app. Food delivery apps that deliver across multiple food joints have easily become one of the most used apps in urban Nairobi.

Here are some of the food delivery apps you should know about: Uber Eats, Glovo

Traffic Monitoring Apps

In typical Nairobi style, everyone’s struggling to move around or to get home in good time. Traffic Monitoring apps have quickly gained popularity. Their ability to get a look into the traffic jam situation on certain routes and give quicker and faster alternatives to get to your desired destination makes them a weapon every Nairobi commuter should have.

Here are some of the Traffic Monitoring Apps: Ma3route, Google Maps

Caller ID Apps

In this time and age of “Line-Yangu-Ya-Mpesa-Iko-Na-Shida-Tuma-Kwa-ii-Namba” and stalkers who get your number from front office desks, there is a need to know and identify who is calling you. Caller ID apps are a great way of knowing who is on the other end of the line. Caller IDs are a lifesaver in a city where people are busy marauding as people they are not.

Here are some of the Caller ID’s you should know about: True Caller, Truecaller, Hiya, Whoscall, CallApp, Clever Dialer

All these apps are available on android and ios. What apps can’t you do without? Share with us. 


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