Actors Are Not Paid Enough: Allisson Lozano Reveals Her Experience As An Actor

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: November 16, 2020  

Do actors get paid enough despite working in high budget and successful projects? In the name of love star, Allisson Lozano (Paloma) previously revealed that she was poorly compensated for her work. Following the international success of the show, among other project, Allison Lozano was at the prime of her career. In spite of this, the actress quit acting and has not worked on another project for over ten years.

In a previous revelation, Allisson Lozano disclosed that she was not making enough money to support herself, even when she was working on huge productions. The life of actors is often associated with wealth but that is not the case according to Allisson Lozano. She revealed, “You will be surprised that many of my fellow actors and I were very, very poor economically. If you didn’t do external commercials, you didn’t really earn anything.”

Allisson Lozano, now 28 has been away from show business for over a decade and now works as a photographer. She cited that actors going through the same difficulties could not reveal the truth because they were afraid of losing the glamorous image they had created. They also could not ask for more money because they were threatened with being replaced. She added that she remembers her acting career as a bitter stage of her life and prefers to forget about the pain she went through.

Poor pay for artists is an ongoing issue, even for local creators. What do you think about this revelation?


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