9 Reasons People Give Their Children Up For Adoption

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: August 06, 2019

They’re Not Able To Support Their Child

Taking care of a little one is not a joke and is expensive. To raise a child, a mum has to factor in medical costs, food, clothes, medical emergencies and later school.

 Readiness To Be a Parent

Being a [parent takes some kind of mental preparation to say the least. Some women prepare themselves before, others plan for the baby, others find out and plan in the consecutive months while other mums, not enough adjusting can make them ready.

The Pregnancy Was a Result of Sexual Assault

Tragically, some women get pregnant after being sexually assaulted and can’t keep the baby due to the emotional trauma inflicted. For such mums, the baby reminds them of the assault. Although they don’t want to keep the baby, they give it up for adoption to give it a better chance in life in another family.

The Mum is Too Young To Be a Parent

Teen mums choose adoption for their babies because they feel young and not ready to become parents. They want to focus on their studies, career, being independent before settling down to have kids or a family.

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