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Personal Branding Essentials for Career Change at All Africa Conference of Churches

This Event happened in the past and has no current dates.
Personal Branding Essentials for Career Change

Angled North, Kenya’s leading Personal Branding firm dedicated to executives seeking managerial, directorial or consultant roles, has designed this event to help you package yourself excellently for a job or career change. To be eligible to attend, you must have 5 or more years of work experience & be desirous of managerial or director level roles. We will cover everything from:

1.    What winning Senior professional CVs and LinkedIn profiles should sound and look like.
2.    The shortlisting process for Senior roles and how to ensure you land the interview.
3.    The interviewing process for Senior roles and cues HR and Recruiters look for before giving you the very best offer.

The workshop is highly interactive with simulations of successful and unsuccessful interviews, panel Q & As and engaging exercises to help you retain the information provided. You get to ask questions and hear honest answers from individuals with deep industry experience and knowledge. What better way to get ready for the next stage in your career?

We will handle tough areas including career changes, salary negotiations, background checks and being ‘overqualified’. This event is perfect for those who want to be well put together when opportunity knocks. Pick between a morning (8 - 12.30 p.m.) and afternoon (1 - 5.30 p.m.). Tea and snacks included.

The programme will be facilitated by:
Beryle Uza – She founded Angled North after seeing the career struggles professionals faced with no clear solution. After applying the knowledge, she gained from a rigorous personal branding course, she was shortlisted for a job paying five (5) times the salary she was earning at the time. Her clients now include African Award Winning Entrepreneurs, Industry Movers and Upcoming Corporate Professionals. At this workshop, Beryle will generously share her knowledge on building a Powerful Personal Brand for Senior Professionals. 

Juliet Gateri - She is the Recruitment Director at Talent Board and Alternate Doors Consulting where she works with clients in Africa and Middle East to bring the best talent on board. She helps nearly 20,000 job seekers in Kenya to be connected to opportunities at world class companies. In this Career Workshop, Juliet will show you the ins and outs of the interview shortlisting process & how you as a candidate can ensure you get shortlisted in your job applications.

Angela Kagume - She is a Trainer and Coach at Ramana Communications where she focuses on building leaders. She is former Kenyan Manager at Edge, where she coached leaders from organizations such as M-Kopa, Juhudi Kilimo and Sanergy. She also worked in Human Resources in Africa and Asia with organizations such as Acumen and Africa Management Initiative. In this Career Workshop, Angela will take you through the technicalities of Job Interviews from the perspective of Senior HR professionals including the cues they look for.

Past Dates & Times

8 a.m.
5:30 p.m.

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