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Paint Ball Festival & Fun Day at The Forest (Kereita)

This Event happened in the past and has no current dates.
Paint Ball Festival & Fun Day

Please Join us for the Superb Paint Ball Festival and Ndovu Fun Day. On arrival: we will commence with Introductions, Fun Games and Team Building. We will then proceed with the awesome paint ball festival.

Paintball is an exciting recreational game played year round. There are many different types of games played, including elimination, capture the flag, and attack and defend. The most basic game, “Capture the Flag”, has an obvious objective: Capture the other team’s flag and return it to your team’s home base for the win, while defending your own flag from theother team.

Each player uses a paintball marker powered by compressed air that shoots the paintballs. The paintballs are colorful gelatin capsules filled with a brightly colored, washable liquid. Upon contact, the paintballs split open, leaving a splat of color that marks the player out of the game. The more opponents that are eliminated, the easier it is to capture the flag.

When playing you must wear protective gear, and game rules are strictly enforced. You will need a great deal of strategic thinking while staying sharp. Its an exciting challenge and you will truly enjoy yourself.

Location of Paint Ball Festival:
The Forest.
65KM from Nairobi.

Meeting point and time: City Market at 7:00AM.

Deposit to Confirm your Slot: Ksh 1,000.

Package includes: full day of paint ball challenge (100 Paint Balls Per Person), paint ball instructors, fun games and team, building, transport from Nairobi and back, adventure and fun, photography and video, half litre of mineral water per person and great facilitation.

Not included: Buffet lunch at The Forest Restaurant: Between Ksh 500 to 1,000, tea with sausages: Ksh 300, extra activities and extra mineral water.

1. ID or Passport
2. 2 Litres of Water.
3. Packed Lunch / Snacks
3. Good Bag to carry your personal items on the Back.

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