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Blogging; From a Hobby to a Profession at Bishop Magua Centre, Ngong Road

This Event happened in the past and has no current dates.
Blogging; From a Hobby to a Profession

You’re invited to Blogging; From a Hobby to a Profession.

Blogging in Kenya has come a long way. From when a handful started, mostly as a platform for self expression, it has now become a hobby for most who seek to run their blogs ‘on the side’ whilst still either fully employed somewhere or running another business all together.

With over 2,000 blogs currently existing in Kenya, very few have been able to turn this hobby into a full time vocation and morph their blogs to information sites that can serve as a revenue source.

It’s about time Kenyan bloggers sought to take their blogs to the next level; credible alternative media sources that can enable the owner make a living from it.

This training will seek to engage bloggers in various sectors such as Technology, Fashion, Photography, Lifestyle, Food, Sports and Health who have successfully run their blogs over a period of time and transitioned from hobby bloggers to professional ones.

They will take us through lessons learnt; challenges faced as well as give hands on tips on areas such as;

-Why blogging? – starting point, – Registering a domain – to get a .com or – Migrating to a self hosted domain – Content – getting it, editorial policy, contributors, uniqueness – Networks- Go to tech people, hubs, meet-ups, associations – Marketing , Analytics & SEO – Money – average income, other opportunities & perks – Best practices – Disclosures, attribution – Legal- Copyrights & government regulations – Future plans


Nancie Mwai (Fashion)

Mwarv (Photography)

Tech Moran (Tech)

Niaje (Lifestyle )

Healthy living Kenya (Food)

Michezo Africa (Sports)

Past Dates & Times

10 a.m.
2 p.m.

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