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15 Men From Some Of The Sexiest African Tribes

Arts & Culture
There are over 3000 ethnic groups in Africa, showcasing our beautiful heritage and culture.

40 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Nairobi Diaries’ Season 3

LOL , TV Buzz
Lesson learnt. I’m never doing this again!

69 Sex Positions to Try Before You Die

Sex & Relationships
The internet is full of articles telling you to try new sexual positions to keep your love life fresh. Why are they all so boring? … These news flashes and more in this week’s Sex in the Press.

7 Reasons You NEED To Dine At Nyama Mama

Food & Drink , Restaurant Reviews
Nyama Mama gives patrons an eclectic walk through East African food and culture.

A Chat With Peter Kimani, Author Of Dance Of The Jakaranda

Ours is a colonial history that is founded on quite a lot of distortions; I wanted to imagine another possibility.

‘Beauty & The Beast’ Review: Disney Successfully Panders To Our Nostalgia

Movie Reviews
Tale as old as time gets a magical live-adaptation remake.

'Big Little Lies' Review: A-List Movie Stars On The Small Screen Make For Amazing TV  

Series Reviews
Big Little Lies is a well done show with a beautiful mix of style, mystery and melodrama.

Bulk Buying For Beginners

I’m willing to bet my perfume collection that one of the resolutions you made this year was to be better about money.

Fab Friday Fashion Fact: Kaftans for Kings and Queens

Fashion & Beauty
Did you know that kaftans originated from the Middle East? A kaftan/caftan is a simple garment associated with Islamic culture and worn for thousands of years by both men and women.

Fab or Drab: Carrefour Two Rivers

Trending Topics
Our favorite and least favorite things about Carrefour at Two Rivers Mall

Famous & Kenyan: Personalities You Didn’t Know Have Roots in Kenya

Celebrity Buzz
This piece is not about Obama, Lupita, Louis Leakey or the many other icons of Kenyan heritage. It’s about the others. Many less heralded but just as influential. Others very famous but you probably didn’t know have a Kenyan connection.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Review: Fun Times With B-List Marvel Superheroes

Movie Reviews
Guardians of the Galaxy is a worthy trip to take. It's fantastical, thrilling, delightfully loud with no shortage of laughs and most of all, charmingly retro. I give it a thumbs up.

Here’s Why You Should Be Watching Soap Operas

TV Buzz
Soapies aren't for you? Think again.

Humour: Your Sexiest Feature

Sex & Relationships
When it comes to jokes, do you and your partner laugh at all the same things? Research from Canada discovers why a shared sense of humour is important.

In the High Dwellings of God: Climbing Mt. Kenya

There are five known routes to the peaks, twin peaks of Batian (5199m) and Nelion (5,188m) and the no less dramatic Peak Lenana (4,985m), each calling for tough fitness as well as altitude experience.

June Magazine Covers: TV Beauty and Husband Heat Up True Love EA

Fashion & Beauty
The couple is known for openly expressing their love for one another.

Kenya Meteorological Department: Equinox Is a Hoax

Kenya Meteorological Department state the rumours of an equinox hitting the country as false.

‘Kong: Skull Island’ Review: A Double-Sized Thrill

Movie Reviews
A popcorn-crunching spectacle worth running away to the movies for.

Let’s See How Much Time You Spent Watching TV in the 80s and 90s

Throwback Thursdays , TV Buzz
If you score a ten then you spent way too much time in front of the box- or maybe you just have an excellent memory.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who’s the Hottest Bond of All? VOTE BELOW!

Movie Buzz
He is the guy women will have that one night stand with and brag about afterwards to friends, the guy they will want to be the Bond girl for- without pay. The guy they reserve their dirty little fantasies for. He is the guy that as we say in Kenyanese, can 'gerrit'.