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15 Men From Some Of The Sexiest African Tribes

Arts & Culture
There are over 3000 ethnic groups in Africa, showcasing our beautiful heritage and culture.

40 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Nairobi Diaries’ Season 3

LOL , TV Buzz
Lesson learnt. I’m never doing this again!

5 Kenyans Who Found Fame and Fortune by Going Viral – Including Githeriman

Trending Topics
Check out these Kenyans who gained their five minutes of fame by doing the weirdest things.

An Experience at a Hidden Brothel in Nairobi

Best of 'The Weatherman'
There are things happening in this country everyday which everyone already knows about but we all pretend are secret. Case study, a stag party I was invited to over the weekend which involved a midnight road trip to Loresho.

Famous & Kenyan: Personalities You Didn’t Know Have Roots in Kenya

Celebrity Buzz
This piece is not about Obama, Lupita, Louis Leakey or the many other icons of Kenyan heritage. It’s about the others. Many less heralded but just as influential. Others very famous but you probably didn’t know have a Kenyan connection.

Fashion Friday: The Many Covers of Lupita Nyong’o

Fashion Fridays
Lupita is on a roll as far as covering upcoming international leading fashion and beauty magazines.

First Look at Citizen TV’s New Telenovela ‘Mujeres de Negro’

TV Buzz
Mujeres de Negro is the new telenovela replacing the concluded Passion and Power on Citizen TV’s 10pm timeslot.

First Look at Citizen TV’s New Telenovela ‘Simply Maria’

TV Buzz
Simply Maria (Simplemente Maria) is the new soap opera that has replaced the concluded Road to Destiny on Citizen TV’s 8.00pm time slot.

'Game Of Thrones' Dragon Riders Might Have Just Been Confirmed

TV , TV Buzz
If this leak is true, then Viserion will get his rider in the coming season. It’s not what any of us had hoped for but this is Game of Thrones, things tend to go the way we don’t want them to.

How to Get Your Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Good Conduct) in Nairobi

Have you been putting off getting your Police Clearance Certificate? Well, there’s no need to delay anymore. It is dead easy.

Kenya’s 10 Hottest Male Politicians

Sex & Relationships
If you don’t agree with our rankings, we encourage you to voice your opinion by leaving a comment. And like the good Kenyan politicians below, we will set up a commission of inquiry to look into your concerns.

Kenya’s Hottest Male Newscasters

Sex & Relationships , TV Buzz
The hottest male newscasters as voted by the KenyaBuzz female staff.

Nairobi Matatu Routes 101

FYI , Travel
If you're new to town, these are the basic routes you should know that will help you on your next matatu ride ― or as the Millennials say, ‘jav’.

New Mobius II is Ready for the Kenyan Market

Auto Buzz
Down payment of 50000 Kenya Shillings for the Mobius II

New Nairobi to Mombasa Super Highway Project to be Completed by 2023

Business , Travel
After completing the super railway does Kenya now aim to create a super highway between Nairobi and Mombasa

Police Abstract Forms Are Now Available FREE OF CHARGE

Please be informed that the following Police Forms/Abstracts are now available FREE OF CHARGE as downloads on the National Police Service website.

Range Rover Velar: New Member To The Land Rover Family

Turbo Tuesdays
The car shows the future of Range Rover looks with its staple floating roof and continuous waistline with a simplicity that exudes confidence and individuality

Revealed: Questions Kenyan Men Are Asking Gynaecologists

Men don't routinely visit gynaecologists. Admittedly, some harbour anxieties when their female partners go for gynaecological consultations.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review: The Web-Slinging Teen is Back

Movie Reviews
Marvel has breathed new, exciting life into this superhero and audiences have finally gotten the Spider-Man they deserve.

Students Forced to Be Porn Actors

Sex & Relationships
Human traffickers recruit unsuspecting Ugandan university students with promises of good jobs in Kenya.