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Mondo Ride Enters Price War For App Based Cab Hailing Services In Nairobi

Business , Trending Topics
Taxi price wars get hotter again as Mondo Ride too drops tariffs

Welcome To The Second Annual Nairobi Pizza Festival

Food & Drink
Nairobi Pizza Festival returns for the second year. It is bigger and better.

Here's How You Detox From Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

Your social media addiction has probably gotten out of hand, lately, right? Here’s how to at least try to put down your phone for a while so you can start paying attention to the world around you.

Music Review : Diamond's New Jam "Salome" Proves You Dont Have To Call Women Whores To Sing About Sex

Movie Reviews , Music
Diamond continues to impress me over and over again. So much I did not even mind when he got a nose ring, or when he decided grillz were cool.

The Magnificent Seven Review: Welcome To The Wild, Wild West!

Movie Reviews
The story was just okay, nothing special and the film did a good job of staying true to what it is, by remaining consistent and delivering what it is the way it is.

Coke Studio Africa Season 4 Guest Star 'Trey Songz' Unveiled At A Nairobi Press Conference

Celebrity Buzz , Music
Grammy award-winning American R&B/hip hop singer and songwriter Trey Songz is currently in Kenya to feature as a guest star on the upcoming fourth season of Coke Studio Africa themed Discover.

What’s New On Netflix This Weekend: September 23–25

TV Buzz
A weekly round up of new additions to the streaming service.

Filling A Food Gap: Why Nairobi Needs Mexican Food

Food & Drink
One would be unwise to under estimate a potential Kenyan feeding frenzy, the cuisines can be quite similar, kachumbari is basically ‘Salsa’, good Ugali tastes exactly like a ‘Corn Tortilla’ or ‘Tamale

Movie Review: Sully Is An Elegant, Thrilling And Compelling Take On Selflessness

Movie Reviews
If you hate turbulence or anything related to a movement 15,000 feet in air like myself this is gonna be a thrill for you.

QUIZ: Which Kind Of Parent Will You Be?

Buzz Quiz
We know which kind of parent you will be based on a few questions.

UTIs Seriously Suck — 5 Ways To Stop Getting Them

Wellness Wednesdays
Urinary tract infections are an unfortunate part of being a vagina owner, and it seriously sucks.

Why Do People Cheat?

Sex & Relationships
If you've ever been cheated on – or were the one doing the cheating – you probably want answers. Here are three science-based theories on why we cheat.

Netflix's Grace and Frankie Season 1&2 Review: Life Can Begin At 70

Series Reviews
The only show  that uniquely shows the good, bad and ugly sides of friendship, loving truly and honestly is never just about romance. 

The Story Of An African Champion

Celebrity Buzz
The story of Conjestina Achieng, the first African woman to win an international boxing championship is set to hit the big screen.

Do We Stand The Risk Of Forgetting What Happened At Westgate Mall?

Crime/Security , Trending Topics
Save for some tighter security measures, Westgate mall is exactly the same as it was before September 21st 2013. It’s as if nothing happened there.

Screw Relationship Goals - I Want To Achieve Life Goals

Best of 'The Weatherman'
I’m sick of seeing hashtags and people gawking over these ridiculous and most of the time unattainable goals of being in the perfect, Instagram-ready relationship.

Koroga Just Took It Back To The Days Of Old In The Most Epic Way

The reason this particular Koroga was so great was the balance it brought with it, young and old all came together to experience two completely different generations of music.

Nairobi Needs A Second Runway - Now

Tyre burst on landing causes flight diversions to Mombasa

Helping Your Kids Feel ALL the Feelings — Inside and Out!

My mom and dad always emphasised on the importance of experiencing my feelings, in a controlled way, otherwise those Bata slippers would be found. 

Environmental Tribunal Gives Nairobi National Park A Reprieve

Tribunal stops railway construction through Nairobi National Park - for now