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How To Kill Iron Man

Movie Buzz
Starks are never far from death.

Top 7 Facts About Mixed Race Relationships

Sex & Relationships
Globalisation has reached our love lives. The world and its people is one big oyster and interracial relationships are on a rise. Check out some facts here!

Hot Pet: Captain

"Captain" young healthy male dog found in Kilimani and never claimed. Needs a good home and a big garden.

The Wonderful Spirit Of The Mara

How to travel and enjoy magical Kenya just as much as we did!

Series Review: If You Are Not Watching 'Atlanta' You Are Truly Ruining The Party

Series Reviews
‘Atlanta’ is one of TV’s most creative new shows that you need to be watching.

Playboy Features Its First Hijabi Muslim Woman And Muslims Don’t Know What To Think

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She’s part of the series the magazine is running called Renegades of 2016, which features men and women who seek to challenge Playboy readers

Ladies, Here Are 6 Major Underwear Mistakes You're Probably Making

Wellness Wednesdays
Underwear is the last line of defense between your ladybits and the outside world, but the wrong pair can wreak havoc on your vaginal health

Best. Job. Ad. Ever. Bikozulu’s Facebook Job Ad Will Have You On The Floor

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The advertisement posted on his official Facebook page is probably the best job ad ever

5 Awkward Things About Dating While Living At Home

Sex & Relationships
Ideally you’d get your own place ASAP, but circumstances (read: money) doesn’t always allow that, so you might have to live at home with your parents for longer than you’d like.

Want To Hold A Successful Event? Here Are 13 Tips To Pull And Retain A Crowd

Arts & Culture , FYI
When it comes to daunting and stressful activities, planning an event probably falls right up there with moving house and dealing with in laws.

Raising A Biracial Child : The Things You Learn On The Job

I learnt from my dear friend that being a parent of a biracial child has its fair share of requirements, requirements to ensure your child grows up feeling confident and well adjusted.

Kenya's Beach Clean Up Judged A Total Success

Kenya’s beach clean up clears 14 tons of plastics and other debris

European Union Puts African Elephants In Jeopardy

Environment , Travel
European Union position on elephants a major cause of concern at CITES COP17

Mondo Ride Enters Price War For App Based Cab Hailing Services In Nairobi

Business , Trending Topics
Taxi price wars get hotter again as Mondo Ride too drops tariffs

Welcome To The Second Annual Nairobi Pizza Festival

Food & Drink
Nairobi Pizza Festival returns for the second year. It is bigger and better.

Here's How You Detox From Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

Your social media addiction has probably gotten out of hand, lately, right? Here’s how to at least try to put down your phone for a while so you can start paying attention to the world around you.

Music Review : Diamond's New Jam "Salome" Proves You Dont Have To Call Women Whores To Sing About Sex

Movie Reviews , Music
Diamond continues to impress me over and over again. So much I did not even mind when he got a nose ring, or when he decided grillz were cool.

The Magnificent Seven Review: Welcome To The Wild, Wild West!

Movie Reviews
The story was just okay, nothing special and the film did a good job of staying true to what it is, by remaining consistent and delivering what it is the way it is.

Coke Studio Africa Season 4 Guest Star 'Trey Songz' Unveiled At A Nairobi Press Conference

Celebrity Buzz , Music
Grammy award-winning American R&B/hip hop singer and songwriter Trey Songz is currently in Kenya to feature as a guest star on the upcoming fourth season of Coke Studio Africa themed Discover.

What’s New On Netflix This Weekend: September 23–25

TV Buzz
A weekly round up of new additions to the streaming service.