Zuria Vega Debuts Youtube Channel

Article by Flora
Posted: May 30, 2019

Telenovela actress Zuria Vega has now entered the world of Vlogging by launching a Youtube channel. The actress is known for her work in shows like Curse by the sea and Que te perdone dios.

Zuria Vega debut the channel with a special video of her son, Luka’s birth. She announced her pregnancy in November 2018 and welcomed her son on May 20.

The actress introduced the channel with a short clip on Instagram and captioning, “Today, Soy Mama begins a new stage that makes me happy. I wanted to open the Youtube channel with a very special video but I didn’t know how it would go, until May 20th when Luka was born. Thank you for growing with me during this project that comes from my heart. You can find the full video on my channel. See you every Tuesday in #SoyMama. Subscribe to my channel.”

The channel is titled “Soy Mama” and will follow her life with husband, Alberto Guerra and their children, Lua and Luka. Zuria Vega will share weekly entries on the channel that will also include special guests.


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