‘Zootropolis’ Review: The Must-Watch Delightful Little Fable

Article by The Editor
Posted: March 11, 2016


Mum’s the word when it comes to Zootropolis. But I’ll give you this, this animation is beautifully crafted and it’s a wonder really, how a rabbit and a fox can come together to create such a breathtaking and delightful plot. The plot is all about prey and predator living in harmony. It shifts gears to the stereotypes placed on animals, such as rabbits being weak and the lions being the rulers.

Judy Hopps is a rookie bunny cop (and the first rabbit lieutenant in Zootropolis) who in a funny twist of events ends up collaborating with the sly con artist fox Nick Wilde, to uncover a criminal mastermind that the ‘tough’ cops at the ZPD – Zootropolis Police Department, have been unable to break.

The movie is hilarious. It has well-crafted jokes like “What do you call a 3-humped camel?” And includes the stereotype of the rich, likeable blonde girl (read rat) who lives in a cocoon where the most important thing in life is to shop till she drops.

Zootropolis is an all-age appropriate movie, perfect for the family, your grandpa, your new crush and even your colleague and will leave you in fits of laughter.

The imagery of the movie is impeccable, with wide panoramas of beautiful nature ranging from ice cold landscapes, to gorgeous forests, to a metropolis city that embraces different cultures (in this case, the different sizes of animals, where giraffes and rats live in harmony).

The suspense will definitely keep you glued to the screen with the antagonist being the least expected character. The film could also be considered feminist, with female characters emerging as heroes, such as Judy becoming the face of ZPD and Gizelle (voiced by Shakira), the beautiful gazelle who is a singer/celebrity being adored by all and sundry.

Zootropolis has SO much going for it. The phrase, “Real life is messy” hits home hard, and made me feel like, yes, it is, but real life is also beautiful.

I would recommend this to any and every one. Rating it a four and a half out of five.
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