Zen Garden: An Oriental Pan-Asian Piece of Heaven

Zen Garden: An Oriental Pan-Asian Piece of Heaven

The scent of fresh bamboo wafts in the air as you enter this exotic, oriental Pan-Asian restaurant. Located along Lower Kabete Road, Zen Garden has been many a times the talk of town. If you haven’t been yet, then I hope that reading this post will give you the encouragement to get you going!

First meal on the table:

An assortment of starters was delightfully presented to us. It consisted of fresh crisp prawns, rich tuna and of course, the ever-organic papaya salad served with three different sauces to cleanse you out as you dig in to the yummy daintiness.

Zen Garden: An Oriental Pan-Asian Piece of Heaven

After a short while of waiting, we got the main dish which was made and served by Chef Den herself – the head chef at Zen Garden. She laid out an entire platter of grilled fish served in a wooden salver, herbal-infused chicken curry, Japanese noodles freshly made at Zen Garden and last but definitely not least, the ever delectable Chinese rice.

To note:

When it comes to the Japanese dining and culinary prowess there is one thing that never fails to enlighten me – the culturally-rich flavors infused in the food. That, mixed with the classy and elegant ambience that is the Bamboo Restaurant at the Zen Gardens is the perfect combination to the perfect lunch.

Just when we thought we were done with our wonderful meal, Chef Den surprised us with freshly baked dessert: Black Forest Cake coupled with the ‘Zen Garden Desert Special’ – which tasted somewhat like vanilla-wrapped waffles coated in pistachio ice cream. This dessert was absolute heaven to the taste buds!

Without a doubt, our quest as Team #TwendeMara to bring out gastro-tourism in Nairobi was accomplished by having Zen Garden host us and allow us to have a delectable experience of food and new places – right at the bull's eye of their picturesque garden.

All thanks to EatOut Kenya for allowing and encouraging us to eat out more often. I hope you go out and find a new place to bring out the vibrant gastro-tourism in our beautiful country, which you can then tell us all about.

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