Zanzibar International Film Festival Announces TV Series Festival

Zanzibar International Film Festival Announces TV Series Festival

Which is the best Kenyan TV series in 2018? We have several but I’m sure Selina is taking the lead. The 21st Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) and DISCOP Zanzibar have on February 13th announced that they are creating a new festival category keen on promoting TV content. This will be like Africa’s Emmy Awards, considering how big a platform ZIFF usually is.

ZIFF and DISCOP will have two new categories, The Best TV Series and The Best Web Series. This is in a move to support the growing digital space. According to Screen Africa, ZIFF sees the need to give a platform to producers and directors who are working in these mediums, that way, barriers between content types for TV and the digital space will be broken. ZIFF has, in that light, come up with the Zanzibar TV Series Festival which will run July 11th to July 13th 2018 before the main event.

‘This Is It’ starring Nick Mutuma is one Kenyan web series that has taken the country by storm with it already being played on local mainstream channels.  Another one is ‘Tuko Macho’ which has millions of views online. These are some of the digital shows that can adequately represent Kenya at the Zanzibar International Film Festival.

Patrick Zuchowicki, DISCOP’s marketing manager in a statement to the press said, “With Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google plans to spend up to $15 billion on film, television and online content in 2018 and with millennials raised on streaming, the time has come to celebrate entertainment content as a whole and bring to the attention of the Zanzibar public the world’s foremost creators to TV series, and provide the best ones with a well-deserved award.”





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