YouTubers’ Arena: Top 5 Must-Watch Kenyan Vlogs This Weekend

Article by Oliver
Posted: May 17, 2019

1. Nairobi Chronicles -Nairobi Conmen Tricks Exposed!

The NC team shows us the various ways in which Nairobi conmen make their move on unsuspecting victims.

2. Soila and Curtis IV – 4 Minutes with the IVs

It’s all about fun on Soila and Curtis’ new mini-series focusing on love and marriage based on their personal experiences and those around them.

3. T & Elsa -Cheating On Fiancé Prank Gone Wrong

A cheating prank was pulled but it might not have gone as expected.

4. Naava the Queen -Shameful and Horrible Mother In-Law

It’s a 2am chaos in the family household as mother in law demands respect, grandchildren and food in this exciting episode!

5. Joel Flash -Taking The Very First Step!

Joe Flash advises us on the benefits of venturing out and taking on business opportunities we may have been procrastinating to start.

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