Your Love is My Fortune: Will Olga’s Plan Work?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: March 07, 2023  

Olga has always tried to win the love of Vicente and thought her chance had finally come when his wife died. She was disappointed to see Vicente fall in love with Natalia instead and has been trying to break them up ever since.

Olga first tried to make Vicente jealous by dating his brother. She did not expect that Juan-ca would fall for her and had a difficult time getting rid of him. She eventually confessed that she did not love him and the two broke up. With nothing going her way, she became desperate and went as far as planning to have Natalia killed. Fortunately, this failed too because Natalia did not go to the agreed meeting place.

Olga’s next plan included making Vicente take care of her. Vicente got mad at her for trying to ruin his relationship with Natalia and left Olga in the middle of the road. She used the chance to stage a rape incident in order to make Vicente feel guilty. Vicente promised to take care of Olga and she thus moved into his house. Olga thought this would be the best opportunity to seduce Vicente but the situation only brought him and Natalia closer. Natalia was forced to give up her room to Olga and thus moved into Vicente’s room.  Olga was quite upset after seeing them together when she tried to sneak into Vicente’s room.

Olga has now teamed up with Natalia’s ex-husband, Adrian, to make Natalia and Vicente break up. Will they succeed? Tune in to Citizen TV every Sunday to Wednesday at 10:30 pm to find out!

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