Your Baby 7 – 12 Months: Recommended Toys

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Posted: November 09, 2020  

Playing with your baby stimulates them, connects them to you, the world and shapes their perception of the environment around them. Babies become happy and excited during play which leads to better sleeping patterns or to sleep itself. When choosing toys, it’s recommended that you choose based on the child’s age and the games you’d like him to participate in.

There is various kind of games such as music games and strengthening games which teach the baby vocalization, rhythm, motor control and coordination.

When choosing toys, consider the age and the safety of the child. If your child is 7 to 12 months old, chances are you’ve started weaning and he’s starting to have a sense of independence.

Here Are Toys For a 7 – 12 Months Old BabyBalls

In this stage, babies still take everything to their mouths. This can mean the first tooth is almost here or they’re investigating the texture and taste of their surroundings. As babies have limited comprehension of danger, choose big balls.

They can kick and slap it around or throw it back as they get older. Balls are also cool toys for boys and one to bond over with the dad and other sports fanatics.

If your baby is teething, a baby ball rattle complete with attention-grabbing balls and teether will be a relief for him.

Plastic and Building Blocks

Blocks are cool toys for girls and boys as they help in building muscles, hand-eye coordination without the parent’s assistance. Always check the manufacturer’s age recommendation as well as the size of the blocks to avoid chocking. Alternatively, the baby can play with close supervision from health care providers.


There are books that are suited for babies from 6 months old. These books are colourful, visual and include colouring books, board books, picture storybooks and help in stimulating your child mentally.

Let your child feel them, draw on them, tell stories from the pictures in his baby gibbering language or gnaw on them.

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