Young Adults Money Coaching Master Cla$$

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: March 02, 2021  

If you’re trying to get the millenial/Gen Z in your life to manage their money better, sign them up for the Young Adults Money Coaching Master Class for 19-25 Year Olds. Organized by Attique Africa, the course is designed to help them appreciate and start developing important personal money concepts so they can manage their money with confidence. 

The earlier they develop and start using positive money management habits and attitudes, the easier it will be to stick with them and the more positive impact it will have on their financial future. 

What specific skills will they gain?


  • They will start developing a positive relationship with money by overcoming myths and beliefs that may prevent them from taking powerful actions with their money in future.


  • They  will escape and overcome the most prevalent money goal that many people pursue in life of not being broke. Instead, they will start developing money goals and take the small steps needed to realize their wildest personal dreams. 


  • They will get a better understanding of what a budget is and develop the ability to live within a budget.


  • They will start a journey of handling credit responsibly. 


  • They will develop a savings plan as a life skill for personal growth and business development. 

These classes will be delivered via Zoom. Session links will be shared shortly before the sessions. There will be personalized and practical assignments at the end of every session. 

Class Frequency: Weekly Group 1 Mondays 6.00- 8.00 p.m. Group 2 Thursdays 6.00- 8.00 p.m. Group 3 Saturday’s 7.30-11.00 a.m. 

The organizers are charging Ksh 5000 for the masterclass.

How to book: Call, Text, WhatsApp Elizabeth on +254 727 143 313/Cathryn +254 729 468 251 Email: 

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