Wine 101: Ask a Winery!

Wine 101: Ask a Winery!

Last week, The biggest wine expo went down in Nairobi and boy, there’s a lot we learnt about wine.

Wine Basics

Most wine is made with grapes, but they’re not like the ones you find in the grocery store. Wine grapes (latin name: Vitis vinifera) are smaller, sweeter, have thick skins, and contain seeds. There are over 1,300 wine grape varieties used in commercial production but only about 100 of these varieties make up 75% of the world’s vineyards.

Today, the most planted wine grape in the world is Cabernet Sauvignon (“cab-err-nay saw-vin-yon”). Find out more about the basics of wine (and which ones to try) courtesy of Cloudy Bay. A New Zealand Winery has all the answers you need!


Proudly part of Cloudy Bay portfolio since 1986, A wine with shape and focus.

Textured wine: full of citrus and stone-fruit flavors enhanced by an attractive nuttiness and subtle oak influence.

Harvest: Early hand picking for freshness, balance and focus Fermentation: French oak barrels (18% new) using wild yeasts to build mouthfeel and complexity Malolactic fermentation: 50%

Ageing: 11 months on lees with battonage to enhance body and aromas Alc (v/v): 14,0% Ageing potential: 10 years

Sauvignon Blanc

Cloudy Bay’s flagship wine: complex yet approachable, pleasing to beginners and compelling to experts. Benchmark of Sauvignon Blanc in New Zealand: focus on pure fruit flavors vs Sancerre style more mineral Precise viticulture to ensure a balanced ripeness among grapes and avoid overwhelming tropical or green aromas.

Strong commitment to environment: all owned and grower vineyards are certified sustainable.

Fermentation: Primarily fermented in a stainless steel with a small percentage of the blend in old French oak barriques / Cuve for structure.

Alc (v/v): 13,5% Ageing potential: 10 years
Fresh, vibrant,aromatics. Bright and balanced between tropical herbaceous aromas


Te Wahi

New adventure for Cloudy Bay that started in 2010: explore Central Otago, the new eldorado for Pinot Noir  Te Wahi means “The Place” related to New Zealand’s only continental-influenced and unforgiving region.

Te Wahi is another expression of Pinot Noir from New Zealand Ƈ Unique mouthfeel: sleek tannins, evolution of aromas on the palate from dark fruits to leather/chocolate notes.

Harvest: 100% hand picked Destem & with whole bunch inclusion (10-25%) to ensure gentle and complete extraction of tannins, colour and flavours.
Ageing: 14 months ageing in French oak


To leearn more about wine and the amazing variants available, click here




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