Why You Should get Funeral Cover Insurance in Kenya

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: April 06, 2021  

Nobody likes to think about death. Especially not during these grim, and uncertain times we live in. But accepting that death is inevitable helps you prepare for it and can make the grieving process easier for those you leave behind.

Death is expensive, especially in these economic downtimes. The cost of a decent funeral for a loved one can upend a family’s financial security. This is why you should consider getting funeral insurance cover to cushion you from the financial stress a sudden death can bring.

Here are some Funeral Covers in Kenya you can consider getting for you and your family:

Britam Funeral Cover 

Product Features

  • The funeral plan is sold to a family at least 4 lives assured as a stand-alone product.
  • Issue ages: Minimum is 18 years. Maximum 65 years at entry for the primary covered.
  • School-going children up to the age of 23 may also be covered.
  • Maximum age on cover is limited to 82 years.
  • Minimum premium: Kshs.770 -Maximum depends on the size of the family and option purchased.
  • Benefit (Sum assured): Minimum Kshs.150,000- Maximum Kshs.500,000
  • Term – No minimum or maximum term
  • There is no medical examination for the product.
    Premiums may be payable at various frequencies i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually.



CIC Last Expense

In the case where death occurs during an accident, cases are covered immediately while natural deaths require a 6 month waiting period from the date of the first premium payment.


ABSA Funeral Cover

  • Choose the family members and level of cover you wish to include in the funeral policy – ranging from KES50,000 to KES500,000.
  • Beneficiaries will receive payment as per signed-up benefits.
  • Your spouse can continue to maintain the policy in the event of your death.
  • You can add up to a maximum of 5 children as beneficiaries.
  • Children’s cover will continue past the age of 21.
  • Cover up to a maximum of 4 parents and 8 extended family members.
  • Parents and extended family members must be younger than 84 years when you apply.



A lump-sum benefit equal to 100% of the sum assured stated in the policy schedule will be payable as long as the policy is active on the occurrence of the insured event.

Three sum assured options are available: 500,000/-, 300,000/-, 200,000/- 100,000/-, 70,000/- and 50,000/-.

In the event death of the main life assured as a result of an accident, a lump-sum equal to twice the sum assured will be paid to the beneficiaries.


KCB Funeral Cover

  • The policy is issued for one year and renewable annually (i.e. every 12 months)
  • Premium is payable upfront
  • Minimum premium per policy is Kshs.500.00
  • Simple application process
  • Reliable claims service
  • Maximum limit per family is Kshs.1,200,000.00



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