Which Filipino Telenovela Won the Drama Crown in 2020?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: December 31, 2020  

2020 saw some of the best Filipino telenovelas of the year. Known for their melodramatic excellence, there was scheming, endless catfights, sibling rivalry, vengeance and more! Which was the most enticing show of all from our compiled list of Filipino show airing on Kenyan TV this year?

  1. The Blood Sisters

This is an ABSCBN production starring Erich Gonzales in a triple role. Agatha, Erika and Carrie are triplets separated at birth but eventually meet each other 26 years later. Growing up in different environments, they have different values and characters. They are entangled in a powerful syndicate and have to help or betray each other to stay alive. They also have the difficult challenge of uncovering the truth about their complicated parentage.

  1. The Betrayal

Jericho Rosales stars in this ABSCBN production alongside Yen Santos, Yam Concepcion and Sam Milby. The Betrayal follows the lives of married couples Ace and Jacky and Lino and Jade. Jacky and Lino, who are past lovers, end up suffering the betrayal of their spouses after they have an affair. This leads them back into each other’s lives and they have to overcome the complicated situation surrounding them to be together.

  1. Imposter

This GMA drama stars Kris Bernal in a dual role as Nimfa and Rosette. Rosette is a woman who wants to enjoy the joys of a marriage-free life. She therefore schemes to leave her husband, Homer and their children in order to escape with her lover. She achieves this by hiring Nimfa to take her place after changing Nimfa’s face to match hers through plastic surgery. Rosette eventually returns to take her place as Homer’s wife but it is not as easy because Nimfa is already in love Homer. Nimfa and Rosette engage dangerous game to outwit each other and win Homer’s love.

  1. The Stepdaughters

Another GMA offering, the show stars Megan Young and Katrina Halili as Mayumi and Isabel. The two women are rivals for Francis’s affection but they are forced to become sisters after Isabel’s father marries Mayumi’s mother. The situation however serves to fuel their animosity. With endless catfights and hair pulling, the two have to challenge each other over the family business as well as the love of Francis.

Which telenovela showing in 2020 was your favorite?

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