Where to Get Free Contraception in Kenya

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: September 22, 2020

Every 26th of September  is world contraception day.  There’s 7 billion of us on this planet and the population just keeps growing.  Babies are awesome. They have cute beady eyes, infectious smiles, that baby talk we love but don’t understand, the adorable outfits for the gram, and, when they grow up you can send them to fetch the remote.

It’s all too precious. But we can’t keep popping them out like there’s free resources just lying around.

Babies are expensive. Diapers, nanny, day care, clothes they outgrow every 5 minutes, toys, and have you seen the cost of textbooks??? Kids can be a handful too!  Toddlers throwing fits, using your  lipstick to paint your ivory walls, sleep deprivation.  The whole shebang. If that doesn’t make you want to get on contraception I don’t know what will.

How long till you pop out the next kid?

Studies suggest that getting pregnant within 18 months after your first child is born can make it more likely that your second child will be born early, underweight, or smaller than usual. So you might want to wait for at least 24 months.


What can I get on?

What works for your unique body and lifestyle won’t necessarily work for someone else. There’s no “perfect” contraception method, but there is probably a method that’s perfect for you. 

Talk to your doctor.  Based on your age, lifestyle and medical conditions, they’ll help you make the best decision for you. Here’s some options you can look into.


Short Term Options


Long term options

Where to Get Free Contraceptives in Kenya

Marie Stopes has an amazing family planning  programme. Call their toll free number 0800720005 for more info

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