What You Need to Know About Working Abroad

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Posted: April 03, 2019  

Working abroad is becoming a more popular option, with many seeing it as an advantage even. Depending on your industry and profession, it could be that it’s the best move to make for your career. After all, teachers in England are starting to draw up these conclusions themselves; if it’s working for them, perhaps it could for you to?

Still, that’s not to say that the process of working abroad is easy and stress-free. There’s a lot to do and consider! But what can you expect, exactly?

Consequently, here’s what you need to know about working abroad.

Laws and Legislation

A different country means different laws. Consequently, depending on where you go, you may well adopt a lifestyle you’re not quite used to. For example, Vietnam, The Philippines, and other territories have banned vaping entirely. The larger point here is that the things you think that are harmless and inconsequential at home can, in other places, carry hefty fines and even prison sentences. Do your research here.

You may also want to employ the services of some expert immigration lawyers from companies like Withers, who’ll offer help and guidance no matter where you wish to live in the world. They have something to provide in any aspect of legality that comes with moving abroad. In the end, a big overhaul to your lifestyle should be done from an informed position, so consider utilising their services!

Language Barriers

This first suggestion may seem obvious, but it’s worth considering in more detail. While on the typical holiday to a foreign country you might well decide to pick up some choice vocabulary, this won’t necessarily suffice when it comes to living somewhere else. After all, this unfamiliar language is now ingrained into every aspect of your life, potentially.

Work documents, road signs, letters, admin paperwork – there’s a lot of material here that can be produced in a language you simply don’t understand. Consequently, you should try to be as fluent as possible in the native language, whether that’s on arrival or sometime later. The more seamlessly you can integrate, the better, and communicate is a big part of that!

Cultural Hurdles

Of course, cultures change by country too. There’re various social expectations, customs, religions, media materials, dietary habits and more to adjust to. It may even be the case that your favourite entry in a Hollywood franchise will not receive a cinematic release if you’re in certain parts of Asia, for example. In any event, it takes a lot of fine-tuning to acclimatise to a new place.

Once again, these factors seem very minor and trivial on a quick visit, but when you’re building a life in a foreign country this will be your everyday reality. It might be worth considering if the change is worth it without certain foods, media and other cultural comforts to keep you company. These things can build character and shape identities to a large extent, so really consider if you’re prepared to give up some of the little things that you love


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