What Has Radio’s ‘Superstar Action Hero’ Vikash Pattni Been Upto?

Article by Oliver
Posted: January 27, 2020

In case you missed it,check out our 2018 interview with Vikash here

KB: Superstar! Thank you so much for this “life update”. First off, how is everything?

As much as I would love to give a different answer, I will have to stick to the most cliché answer to this question. Things are tough, business is slow (but somehow, we all have money for the December holiday).

KB: Last we had this conversation; you told us your craziest fan experience. Being as popular, have you experienced recent touching moments?

Yes, I do have a couple of uplifting messages in my inbox which I cherish and read over and over from listeners who tune in to my show from USA. The likes of both Kirtan and Dylan Patel, a long appreciation message from Pritesh where he expressed how I make his drive home pleasurable every evening. I also come across random uncles who see me at the supermarket and say “thank you for the entertainment”. I feel that’s the reason I come to work.

KB: You studied and worked as a graphic designer before entertainment. Any chance of going back this decade?

As much as I love it, I find it difficult to be worth my while. It takes up a lot of time and unfortunately not as rewarding. But never say never, it’s a possibility. When need be, I will update my softwares the way I’m updating you on my life right now!

KB: Juggling between acting, dancing (really well), hosting a radio show and being an MC, when do you have time for hobbies?

Well, luckily my hobbies also revolve around the work I do. So, I’m managing to fit most of it in daily life. But I’m so addicted to wasting my time on social media, if I manage to save my time off that, I will be able to squeeze in some more hobbies for sure.

KB: Your show Home time with Vikash gives us no blue-ticks whatsoever! How would you describe the show’s inception,growth and experience thus far?

It’s been an adrenaline rush every weekday. It’s like a baby I’ve been handed to bring up so it keeps me on my toes. I actually feel like how a father sees the child grow and change forms, it’s the same for my show. It started as ‘The Rush’ with my co-host the late Ruhila Adatia-Sood, then Riya Sharma Shah. We briefly left it for another child whom we handled in the morning hours, ‘The Sunny Side Up’ (breakfast show). However, my heart was still with ‘The Rush’ so I came back to it after two years. It grew up to be called ‘The Ignition!’ I nurtured it with co-host Nilofer and later with Malika. Now I’m back to being a single parent and bringing it up on my own, lovingly calling it ‘The Hometime with Vikash’.

KB: In a past interview, you described a ‘fantasy’of “having a girlfriend or wife who is madly in love with you and having a family in future”. Well…is the future here already Vikash?

Seems like it’s gonna remain a fantasy. So, I keep giving out my heart but the girls I meet return it back like a tennis serve. So, let’s just say I do have a girlfriend but she doesn’t know.

KB: And of course, last we checked Enter the Dragon was your ringtone–and that was two years ago! Need I ask your current?

Well, I did have an upgrade of my phone and was too lazy to Bluetooth that ringtone to the new phone. Now, my new ringtone is the John Cena entrance music “Your time is up, my time is now”

KB: Sadak and Rambo: First Blood might still be your most watched movies. But, from one movie geek to another, any that has given you an adrenaline rush lately?

Yes, I have been addicted to this web series on Amazon Prime called the “Family man”. I would highly recommend that and though I have been late, I got hooked onto a series called “Breaking Bad” on Netflix too.

KB: 2020 is still as fresh as it can be Vikash. What interesting stuff can we expect from you this year? (No blue ticks please)

I’m going to disappoint you with grey ticks because it’s all in the air as of now. I have been auditioning for a few series and other things but nothing has materialized yet. I’m praying for a possibility of the makers of Varshita to bring it back to screen maybe with another spin off. But I do have a strong desire to get on a Netflix series. So, if the wish-fulfilling God comes across this interview, please keep me in mind 😉

(Feature photo courtesy: Asian Weekly)

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