Westworld’s Anticipated Third Season

Article by Elvis Karimi
Posted: March 25, 2020  

To the newbies of the show HBO’s Westworld is about a theme park. Even if Westworld Season 3 takes us into the heart of a luxurious dystopian future, where skyscrapers have gone green with hanging gardens and you can outsource crime on an Uber-like app, its roots are in that Western-themed fantasy land.

Westworld season 3 delivers on its promise to take us out of the park, and the series juggles a lot with new locations, new characters and new technology.

Any Westworld fan knows by this point to expect confusing timelines, head-spinning twists and reveals that probably won’t make sense ’til you play it back in your head a few times. The same thing goes for the first half of Westworld season 3. And if you’ve learned anything by now, you’ll know to keep your eyes open at every moment and expect the unexpected.

That said, Westworld season 3 is very much Westworld, and at other times very much… something new. The series follows the events after the host uprising at the Delos parks. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) ended last season triumphant in being able to escape to the outside world. And her deviant-host counterpart Maeve (Thandie Newton) ended up being put on a “save” list of sorts when it came to hosts left behind. The series, then, is split between highlighting the two women’s stories. The first two episodes, in fact, distinctly feel like a “Dolores episode” and a “Maeve episode,” though the structure is a little more fluid after that.

Perhaps the most exciting part of Westworld Season 3 is the addition of Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. Here, he brings a welcome sense of authentic world-weariness to the show. Caleb, also called Cal, is a completely disaffected member of society. Though he struggles to rise in station, his “numbers” doom him to the drudgery of construction work. His one outlet seems to come via a crime app called Ri¢o where he’s like an Uber driver, but for committing petty crimes. One such job puts him in Dolores’s path, and soon this strange, beautiful, deadly woman inspires him to action.

Another best part about Westworld Season 3 might be those overwhelming visual tableaus: the spectacular shots of a copter floating over a metropolis, the romantic European vistas of Maeve’s WWII world, and even the intimate hell that Caleb is going through. Westworld doesn’t just try to show us a haunted vision of the future, but it immerses us in it. Between the incredible performances, stellar fashion, mind-blowing VFX, and thrilling action sequences, watching Westworld Season 3 is an absolute treat. Making sense of Westworld Season 3 is what’s hard.


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