Wellness Wednesday: Water Drinking Hacks

Article by Whitney Nasanga
Posted: November 15, 2017  


It’s common knowledge that drinking a certain amount of water, that is at least 6 glasses a day, is good for your health. In as much as this is a known fact, it sometimes can be difficult to dedicate every day to consuming this much water since, let’s be frank, water is tasteless.

What if there was a way to make this bland liquid a bit more interesting to consume? Well, there are many ways you can spice it up-contrary to popular belief- and lucky for you, all the products that will set you on the right path to efficient water consumption are all locally available. The price range may differ but you are free to choose what works best for you:

  1. Flavoured water

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Aquamist has a wide range of flavoured water such as apple, lemon, mango, peach and many more which you can choose from, depending on your taste and preference, if regular/still water is hard for you to take down. Flavoured water usually has a hint of the fruit, almost like deeply diluted juice. They all go for Ksh.60 at Chandarana Supermarket.

  1. Apple Cider

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This in itself has many benefits to the body and can be found at any Healthy U outlet. Do your best to look for the organic type to reap full benefits. The large Bragg Organic Apple Cider bottle goes for Ksh. 1695. Adding a teaspoon of the product to your water will be perfect in flavouring it.

  1. Lemon

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I’m not talking about the green lemons (you can relax) but more of the large yellow imported ones. The juice is a lot sweeter and you can find them at any Chandarana outlet, price varies according to the weight but minimum amount goes for Ksh. 399. You can cut the lemon into half and squeeze it in to your water and reserve the other half for later. If you have sensitive teeth, then this isn’t a combo you should drink every day.

  1. Infused water

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This is one of the water drinking hacks where you can wing it. Just choose the fruit you like best: mango, pineapple, strawberries, oranges, watermelons you name it! Cut these into small pieces and put it into a jar full of water and refrigerate it overnight. The delicious concoctions that results will set your taste buds on fire!

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