Watch ‘M3GAN’: Twitter’s Favorite Doll

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: January 27, 2023  

Robotic scientist Gemma develops an AI-Doll named M3GAN (pronounced Megan) for her lonely niece Cady. However, as M3GAN begins to surpass Gemma’s wildest expectations, she starts to question her  own existence and purpose.

As M3GAN’s intelligence continues to grow, she becomes increasingly self-aware and starts to make decisions that put Cady and everyone else at risk.

The trailer almost gives away the whole movie but despite that, M3GAN is still a fan favorite. It is fun, quirky and will give you a little scare. Nothing too intense. I wouldn’t recommend it for little kids though. Teens might enjoy it though.

Twitter loves a good villain story and fans of M3GAN have taken over the app with their hilarious cult-like following of the doll’s shenanigans. From viral dances, to instigating fights with another famous doll-Chucky.

If you go to the official M3GAN account on Twitter, you can slide into their DMs and have a conversation with the doll itself.

The interaction is with a bot that steers the conversations through questions that prompt different types of  answers. Depending on how a user responds to each new question, you get different reactions from M3GAN. You can make M3GAN happy,  angry, or  even vaguely threatening.

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