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Posted: July 30, 2020

Artists, visual storytellers and comic book aficionados, gather around. We’ve got some exciting news for you! Pan-African creative content and entertainment company Vortex Corp is rolling out the biggest digital art tournament on the continent. The VX Art Tournament.


Contrary to the competitive nature of tournaments this one is designed to create engagement between fans & artists in the growing geek culture community across the continent. 


This platform will bring to the fore African digital artists & characters and highlight the incredible talent the continent harbours to a global audience. It’s not just a contest. It’s a celebration of the best Afro-centric art in digital form. 


For this inaugural digital art competition, the theme will be: Humanity.


We’re living in surreal times. Amid this pandemic, creatives everywhere are exploring their deepest thoughts and imagination and manifesting them through creative outlets. What the world needs most is for all of us to show our humanity. It’s time for artists to create harmoniously and in solidarity. 


Art and comics are a chance to move into fictional dimensions. And now, in the age of technology, wherever you are, you can connect with other creatives. This is what the VX Art Tournament is all about- showcase humanity and tenderness and bring a little light to the world with your art supplies! 


Are you game? Can you dig deep and channel your creativity to demonstrate what humanity looks like during a pandemic? Let your imagination run wild.


Here’s how to participate:

  1. Fill the VX Art Tournament form carefully :
  2. Post your art on Instagram adhering to  the rules below :
    1. Use ALL the following hashtags : #VXARTTOURNAMENT #CCAONLIN
    3. Tag @Comicconafrica_official & @vexpoafrica


  • Do not submit already created art: the art has to be exclusively drawn for VX Art Tournament
  • Only digital arts are eligible
  • Image dimensions have to be at least 5400px x 6750px (142,875cm x 178.593 cm).
  • Remember, they  are accepting art from African artists only (nationality from an African country)

Here’s a timeline of  submissions and qualifier stages

Submissions will be accepted as of 1st August 2020. Deadline for the Group qualifier stage closes on 20th August. 

Group stage : 24th August – 29th August (50 artists). 

Knockout stage : 31st August- 5th September (30 artists). 

Quarter final : 7th September – 12th September (20 artists). 

Semi-Final round : 14th September- 19th September (10 artists). 

Final: 21st September to 27th September (5 artists) 

Winner announced : 27th September

 *Remember, if you don’t follow all steps, your art submission will not be eligible for consideration by the judges. For artists that reach quarter final please note that new art work will required by September 10th to advance in the competition 

The judging panel is impressive and draws from some of the best, seasoned artists on the continent and elsewhere. 


  • Stephanie Hayot – Partner & Alliance manager at ArtStation
  •  Loyiso Mkezi – Visual artist, founder of LMArt (Pty) Ltd / Creator KWEZI comics 
  • Rad Sechrist – Creator and Executive Producer of Kipo and the age of Wonder-beasts 
  • Afua Richardson – Professional Illustrator and Comic book artist/writer (World of Wakanda) 
  • Marcus Williams – Professional Illustrator and Comic book artist/writer (Tuskegee Heirs and The Super Natural Woman”). 
  •  Bimpe Alliu – Concept Artist at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) with projects Marvel Avengers, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Aladdin, Spider Man and many more


   What are the judging parameters you ask?


  • Concept & Imagination
  • Story
  • Composition & Perspective
  • Line Art
  • Inking
  • Colors*
  • Lighting & Shade


So, you’re probably wondering. What’s in it for me? A LOT!




  1st prize 

  • All expenses paid trip to comic con Africa 2021 in South Africa,  Johannesburg . (Hopefully, the Rona will be under control then).
  • 500$ comic book contract  with Vortex Corp 
  • 50$ ArtStation gift card 
  • 1 Deco 03 digital tablet 
  • 1 Pro ArtStation account 

2nd prize 

  • 1 Artist 12 Pro digital display tablet 
  • 1 Pro ArtStation account 
  • 800$ dollars 


3rd prize 

  • 1 Deco Pro S digital tablet 
  • 1 Pro ArtStation account 


4th prize

  • 1 Deco Pro S digital tablet 
  •  1 Pro ArtStation account 


5th prize  

  • 1 Deco 03 digital tablet 
  • 1 Pro ArtStation account 


6th to 10th  

Consolation prices


All artists who participate in the VX Art Tournament will get their work featured in an ebook

magazine published on VORTEX247.COM


Well, what are you waiting for? Get your art supplies and draw away! Good luck from us at KenyaBuzz.

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