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Posted: April 01, 2020

Raising kids can be overwhelming.  Knowing you are not the only one struggling to be a super parent can be comforting especially now that we’re isolating at home. All parents are facing unique parenting challenges amid the pandemic and meeting with other parents to decompress is out of the question right now. But you can still find support through virtual parenting groups on Facebook. Here are some of our favourites.

The Pregnant and nursing Mums Support Group

Social gatherings have been restricted so hanging out with other soon-to-be mothers at the prenatal clinic isn’t going to fly and if you’re struggling with nursing, your experienced friend can’t come over and help out. Not to worry, you can still get some support from this group.

This is a group was formed by Thitu Kariba of FitnessforTwo to support pregnant women, new mums, women struggling with parenting and relationships and also to  give nursing tips. 

Pregnant and nursing mums can seek and also give advice and support on pregnancy, family, parenting, marriage and relationships … the whole shebang!  Here, you can make friends with mutual interests and get to be part of a non-judgemental parenting community.

Positive Parenting Kenya

For Christian parents, this group is a good source of support. They discuss faith-based parenting techniques, have weekly facebook live discussions and the admins have listed their contact details if you’d like some one-on-one advice.

They also offer coaching and mentoring to tweens and teens. What a better time to get all hands on deck with prepping your teen for their big test at the end of the school year?

Women Work KE

Looking for a community of working mothers? WomenWork brings together driven, like-minded women with various business and career ambitions. Here,  You can get the low-down on opportunities post-pandemic, learn some work from home tips and how to organise your house.

They also host a “Market Place” on Tuesday called #BiasharaTuesday among other interesting theme days. Women here also share parenting hacks and tips on how to stay sane. Professional mums, this is your space.

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