‘Unstoppable’ Mina Reeve Speaks On NCYE,Gogo Racing and Nami Africa

Article by Oliver Nash
Posted: February 04, 2020  

“Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice” ~ Bethany Hamilton. This quote best describes one Mina Reeve, whose passion and determination is nothing but impeccable! Teaching, racing, coaching and running a leading PR firm is everything summed up about the 28-year-old and true to her titles, she is not your ordinary household name.

Reeve is the current superbike lady rider of the 2019 season -a prestigious award from Motorsport Federation Kenya. That aside, she is also the reigning East Africa Super Bike champion among women, having accomplished the single fastest lap time on the track. “I personally do much more, such as teaching biology, coaching sports teams, playing other sports,music and theater. I am also co-founder of Gogo Racing Team and Nairobi City Young Entrepreneurs. I also founded Nami Africa – a PR and media liaison firm.”

In a sport that is predominately dominated by men, she says that does not hold her back one bit and is determined to reach her goal, “I am trying to break stereotypes and barriers, and try to pave a way for other women and general population to be inspired to achieve their best. It is a man’s world, and I am one of the few who doesn’t let that stop me in any way.”

Mina’s ticking NCYE idea

We sort to find out what ticked her to establish the Nairobi City Young Entrepreneurs networking platform . “I co-founded NCYE in 2016 to help empower other entrepreneurs and in particular, start-ups. The group was formed to share information at first, where we all had similar issues such as registration and tax that needed sorting out. This grew and we were able to network and gain services of other entrepreneurs at discounted rates. We began collaborating on different projects based on the needs of clients at various times,”she narrates. NCYE has over 200 members since its inception, all working to empower each other through referrals and info sharing.

Racing time with the Gogo Racing Team

“Gogo Racing Team was formed in 2018 with Shaiman Mughal (Gogo) and myself. Since then, the team has grown to include Isaac Mwangi, Peejay Gathaiya and Ngina Njoroge. Our home ground is Whistling Morans in Athi River -also one of the team’s main sponsors for the 2020 race season. We have won an assortment of awards, including best and fastest female racer with a superbike in Eastern Africa (Mina Reeve), 2018 and 2019 1000cc champion (Shaiman Mughal), 1st runners up 2019 (Isaac), champion in class B in south Africa competition under team Kenya (Peejay), and youngest female on track 2020 (Ngina).”

Brains behind Nami Africa’s impressive 5-year success?

“Nami Africa was my first business venture. It operates as a PR firm working closely with media outlets to satisfy both consumer and client needs in a unique way. We are very passionate about experiential approaches and innovative ideas, which is what gives us the edge. I founded this company in 2015 and it has been fantastic working with brands such as Barclays, Home Afrika, Toyota Kenya, and McKinsey and Company among many others.”

With all these accolades under her belt, we could not help but ask for a parting shot from Mina Reeves; “Think different, there is no quality in sameness. Be the best you can be with a specific skillset in mind, and keep on getting better. Remember, its quality over quantity! #letsminareeve”


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