Twitter Streets: The Most Talked About Trends Today- November 14

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: November 14, 2019

What happened to Prezzo?

Word on the curb is that allegedly the CMB President was sexually assaulted by three women and is in Karen Hospital. He has refuted the claims.

Battle of the Streaming Services

Netflix and Nickelodeon have joined forces to bring new films and shows. This is after Disney plus joined the streaming service conversation.

Quick Work for Disney!

Just one day after Disney plus was launched, it garnered over 10 million subscribers.

Kanye West Plans to visit Joel Osteen

Well, Kanye West and his Sunday Service choir will be making an appearance at Joel Osteen’s church in Texas.

Zlatan ready to move on

Zlatan says goodbye to LA Galaxy after he conquered the league.

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