Twitter Streets: The Most Talked About Trends Today -July 3

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Posted: July 03, 2019

Sia Accused of Blackface by Taylor Swift’s Fans

Sia is being accused of using blackface by Taylor Swift’s fans. The “Cheap Thrills” hit maker defended Scooter Braun, in the now public feud, between he and Taylor Swift over the purchase of her master recordings.Sia responded to this tweeting in part, “For the swift fans trying to make out that I would ever do blackface please see this video. I was painting myself into the backdrop; it was a precursor to the wig…”

Lion King Stars Face Their Characters in Newly Released Photos

Disney just released striking “Lion King” photos showing the characters and the stars voicing them. The images include Beyoncé with Nala, Timon and Pumbaa with Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen respectively, and Chiwetel Ejiofor with Scar. The Jon Favreu-directed flick premieres in theatres July 19.

YouTuber Jake Paul Faces Transphobia Accusations

Jake Paul has been accused of trans phobia after his team kicked out two trans influencers for not being “real girls”. Lilah Gibney, a trans female blogger, posted a video claiming that she and her friend Kendall went to an after party at Paul’s team 10 house, when one of the guys allegedly said, “I thought you guys were going to come with real girls.”

Tokyo Vanity Accuses Chris Brown of Discriminating Against Dark-Skinned Women

Chris Brown’s “Need a Stack” lyrics controversy has escalated to what is now being termed as discrimination. Brown says on the track, “Only wanna f*ck the black b*tches with the nice hair”. “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star, Tokyo Vanity chimed in on this saying that people should not be surprised, because Brown has shown in the past that he doesn’t like dark-skinned women.

Blueface Calls Mother Clout Chaser; Kicks Her Out

Blueface and his family have been airing their dirty linen in public recently. The drama began when one of his girlfriends declined to greet his mother. This led to back and forth as both the mother and sister live with the “Thotiana” rapper. He however sided with his romantic interests, stirring up an argument.Blueface has since chimed in on his Instagram stories saying,”Sheesh you know it’s getting hectic when yo own momma do it for the clout.”

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