Twitter Streets: The Most Talked About Trends Today -February 14

Article by Oliver
Posted: February 14, 2020

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of February!

It’s Valentine’s Day! Better referred to as the most wonderful time in February where love and romance rule the streets. Fair warning: You might see loads of flowers and red colours around the city today. Whether you are single or hooked, happy Valentine’s day!

The Daily Nation Tells the Truth About Moi?

Kenya’s top newspaper, the Daily Nation is facing mixed reactions online following its daunting “Moi: The X-Files” headline this morning. The paper has faced backlash in recent times for painting the late retired president as Kenya’s beloved, something most have not been in agreement with. Here are some of the reactions to today’s headline;

Citizen TV Holds an Actual Men’s Conference

Citizen TV is on the receiving end following its making of the men’s conference event a reality today. The event -which was aired live- was originally created by men to keep off their spouses during the Valentine’s Day period. What has also triggered many is that at least two ladies were spotted at the Citizen event.

Cate Rira Bins Bahati and Boondocks Gang’s Latest Single

Cate Rira went on a rant about Bahati’s latest “gospel” single on Thursday, terming it as “mediocre”. The Nation FM host posted a video where she trashed the Taniua stint, “Bahati, first of all this is a bunch of nonsense”. Rira also criticized fellow colleagues Mzazi Willy and Jalang’o for promoting such music, “I will tell our industry this and I say it with so much passion. The reason why our industry will never grow is that we allow mediocrity.” Netizens had a mouthful to say on this;

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