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Posted: July 22, 2020

Caroline Mutoko’s Hard-Hitting Opinion Hits Her Back and Bites, Hard

Caroline Mutoko is famed for her straight shooting, hard-hitting opinions. True to her nature, the media personality took on the mantle once again and this time aimed it at men. On Monday, Mutoko took to her YouTube channel calling out men for being “unhygienic”, hence the high percentage of coronavirus infections in the country.

“Gentlemen can we speak candidly, corona is hospitalizing more men than women”, she narrated, referring to a Daily Nation article on COVID-19 statistics. “Let me start with the obvious’. We all know wanaume hamuwezi ambiwa. Number two you hate water. Someone has to tell you to wash your hands. The very idea that lazima uoge kwanza sasa kuna baridi”. The former radio host further alleged that men abhor anything that does not involve meat. In this case, bidding for more of them to eat fruits and she did not mince her words.

Men on microblogging platforms did not take this lightly and waged an all-out war on her. Here are some of the reactions;

‘Churchill Show’ Comedian Njoro Narrates Depression Story

In recent past, comedian Churchill has been making headlines affiliated to “Churchill Show” comedians. First came Zeddy who claimed mistreatment by the show’s creative director Victor Ber – an allegation he has since denied. Then came Wakimani Ogutu, who alleges the late Ayeiya’s family blamed him for their son’s death and demanded Kshs. 21million. Now comes another, Njoro.

On Tuesday, George Maina, alias Njoro, says he went into depression after losing “everything”, despite having a family to fend for. “Life has not been easy at all and I contemplated suicide three times, but all of them failed. That’s God’s plans”, says Njoro while speaking to Zeddy. “My dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I have four kids to take care of, and I lost everything”.

The comedian requested for assistance to get a job and afford a mental health institution, “Sahii comedy is no. Kama kuna mtu ako na kazi, aniite ata kesho nitaanza,”. You can reach out to Njoro: 0746 426336.

Commemorating Late Robin Williams’ Birthday

On Tuesday (July 21), the world celebrated what would have Robin Williams’ 69th birthday. The actor, famed for his role in “Mrs. Doubtfire” film, died from an apparent suicide in 2014 after a long battle with depression and alcohol addiction.

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