Twitter Has Discovered The 21st Century Picasso…and He’s A Funny Artist

Article by Anthony Mbugua
Posted: April 20, 2018  

If you love art, then there’s good news for you. Twitter has discovered a new Australian artist who draws a caricature of mostly celebrities but what’s peculiar about him is how he does it. You will feel more amused than inspired by those pics. Ciroc Vodka is one brand in Kenya that always has a caricature artist at events and this Twitter artist is definitely one who needs lessons from Kenyan artists.

Picasso was a famous Spanish painter who inspired a whole generation of artists (and quotes) and co-founded the Cubist movement. This was a re-invention of the structured sculpture. I am not sure what @Tw1tterPicasso is re-inventing or co-founding but I’m sure some celebrities like 50 Cent are not getting their money’s worth.

Here are some of the most interesting caricatures I’ve seen. Shia Labeouf should sue.



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