Trina & Kagwe Mungai Releases Video for “Twenty Four”

Trina & Kagwe Mungai Releases Video for “Twenty Four”

Taurus Musik is proud to present to you the much-anticipated video to the smash hit banger Twenty Four by Trina Mungai featuring Kagwe Mungai.

The sensational video is Trina’s debut to the Hip Hop/RnB scene setting her up for much more to come with her massive potential visualized in this song.

Her previous release received a lot of positive feedback from fans across Africa. The song ‘Tonight’ was a calm, gentle and loving side of the artists as she ventured the reggae scene.
This new release will, without a doubt, set Trina Mungai to a much bigger stage as she is brewing up a storm we would like to call ‘Hurrican KaTRINA’

With much love from the community as well as critics all across Africa, the video is sure to be big for the artist as she redefines herself as an artist. We are looking forward to more from the artist as she keeps on blowing up the airwaves.






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