Top Kindergartens in Nairobi and Things to Consider when Choosing

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: January 11, 2021  

It’s back to school! For some of you, it’s your first time taking your little one to school and in true Kenyan fashion, some parents thought about signing up their kids for kindergarten at the very last minute! 

Joining kindergarten is a major milestone for kids and a super achievement for parents. Your baby is finally going out to meet the ‘real world’. Exciting yet intimidating. Here are the factors you should consider when selecting the best kindergarten for your child:

Take these factors into account to determine the right fit for your child :

  • Academic Programs Offered- Be wary of schools that place too much emphasis on academics and testing. Kindergarten should be fun, experiential, and playful. You should see a lot of art supplies and hands-on science projects.
  • Public or Private- cost is a big factor here. We recommend you first go and see the public schools in your area and only if they are below standards, consider a private kindergarten.
  • School Culture- Parents should consider what they expect the school to teach their child about life beyond academics. Like social values, religion and so on.
  • Children-Teacher Interaction- What’s the kid-teacher relationship  like? It shouldn’t be punitive, but rather structured but fun. Ask other parents or talk to the kids at the school. Even very young children can give you an objective analysis.
  • Co- curricular activities- It’s vital for students to get involved outside the classroom through co-curricular activities to stimulate them and not make learning a dull activity. What kinds of sports or games are offered? Kids have to play!
  • See for yourself- Ask for a tour. Are the classrooms big enough and do they look bright and cheerful? Is there a library? Are the bathrooms clean? Do the teachers seem happy and enthusiastic? Is there an outdoor area for the kids?
  • Commute- Please don’t make it a brutal daily routine. Choose the shortest possible commute for your child

Here are top private kindergartens around Nairobi  (Not ranked):

Logos Christian School

Located along Chaka road Kilimani, Logos offers Christian-based education. This kindergarten uses the Montessori method of teaching. They admit kids between the ages of 2 to 6 years who are then placed in one of 4 classes, based on their age.

The first class of the day begins at 8am and the last group of children end their day at 3:30PM. They have an option of a half-day schedule that ends at 12:30PM.

Some of their co-curricular activities include;

  • Music: Piano, Flute, drums and violin.
  • Art
  • Learning-based class trips

Contact for fee structure Email:

All Saints’ Cathedral Kindergarten

All Saints’ Cathedral Kindergarten is a faith-based school located along Kenyatta Avenue-opposite Serena Hotel. It’s run by the All Saints Anglican church and has been offering quality preschool education since the 60s.

Admission is from age 3 to 5 years.

Their earliest class begins at 8:00am. Half-day schedule is also available and ends at noon.

School lunch can be provided or parents can opt to send their children with a packed meal.

They have lots of co-curricular activities to offer including swimming.

Contact for more details and fee structure:  020 2710702

Durham School

Taking inspiration from the 600-year legacy of outstanding education in the UK, Durham will open in Nairobi in January 2021.

Opportunities are provided for children to use their emerging reading and writing skills in meaningful ways, like the provision of menus, recipes, note paper and pencils in an outdoor restaurant.

The school offers opportunities for children to enjoy both group activities and free play with a range of construction toys, drawing and craft material, and puzzles. There are opportunities to explore numbers as well as explore science at a discovery table. Children have free access to an outside learning area with water play and sand.

Children are in constant interaction with their environment manipulating objects, making predictions and asking questions. They want to touch everything they see. This is how they learn.

Kiota School

Kiota School Kindergarten is a child-centered institution that offers an integrated curriculum that borrows from different systems. This in effect entrenches versatility in readiness for a dynamic world.

Located along Dennis Pritt Road, Kiota admits kids from age 2-6 who are then placed in these “nests” as described below:

Robin Nest – Ages 2-3 Years

The little Robins are the playgroup bunch. Here they learn basic independence skills, do art and craft, socialize and play with their peers.

Penguin Nest – Ages 3-4 Years

Described as “cute and cuddly penguins”. They get a solid foundation on their literacy and numeracy skills, cultural knowledge, and refinement of senses.

Parrot Nest – Ages 4-5 Years

“Talkative parrots” refine their literacy and numeracy skills, cultural knowledge, self-expression, as well as creativity.

Eagle Nest – Ages 5-6 Years

Set to fly away to Primary School, the eagles are prepared adequately for the take-off – their academic, socio-emotional and physical capabilities refined.

Their extracurricular activities include: swimming, horse riding, ballet and gymnastics

Contact for appointment: 0719 532 989

Stepping Stones Kindergarten

Located along Langata North road, Stepping Stones Kindergarten offers the British National Curriculum for Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure that the child’s  progress is carefully monitored across the seven key areas of their development.

They take in children as young as 18 months old. They have classes for special needs too. Kids spend ample time learning outdoors enjoying creative water play, sand play, construction, developing gymnastic skills, playing with balls and other physical games to develop motor control and coordination. They  also help with potty training.

Each class has access to ipads for specific teacher-led and supervised activities. In the early years this significantly enhances their multisensory approach towards a rewarding level of achievement in early reading, early writing and early numeracy skills.

Check out their fee structure here. Call  0722 926258 to book an appointment.

Waridi Kindergarten 

Located along Rhapta road in Westlands, opposite Parklands Baptist Church, this nursery is a non-profit institution that receives its funding from the Edelvale trust. Enrollment is from 18 months-age 6.

Their extracurricular activities include: music lessons, dance, Karate, swimming

They help the kids with potty training and have “confidence boosting” sessions for every child.

Call +254 710 912 342 for an appointment.

Imani Montessori

Located along Mbabane Road, off James Gichuru Road, Imani Montessori school is guided by Montessori-credentialed teachers. They use a full complement of Montessori materials in a classroom designed to offer choice for hands-on exploration following each child’s interests, learning style, and pace.

Admission is from age 2-6 and kids are placed in different classes based on their age and abilities.

Their enrichment activities include: swimming, French and Swahili Lessons, music lessons, field trips, kids in action, skating and ballet

Call/Whatsapp us +254 (0)726 510 062/092 to schedule a visit.

St. Bakhita

They have 2 locations- South B (Mombasa road) & Sabaki (Along Athi River road). Admission is from age 2-6. The first class of the day begins at 8am and the last group of children end their day at 3:00PM. They have an option of a half-day schedule that ends at 12:30PM.

St. Bakhita is unique in that, they offer parent workshops that include:

– Curriculum workshop

– Parenting workshop

– Nannies workshop

– Motivational workshop

– Child care workshop

They have an array of extracurricular activities including: swimming, gymastics, music, dance and art & crafts.

Schedule an appointment by calling +254 701 143 394.

 Oshwal Kindergarten

Location: Wambugu road Parklands.

Oshwal promises “A diverse, exciting environment for children from ages 1½ to 6”. All students begin school at 8am, but school days end depending on the age group of the child.

They are guided by the British National Curriculum for Early Years: the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYS).

The nursery places strong emphasis on the value of daily outdoor experiences. Some of the school’s extracurricular activities include: football, Martial Arts, badminton, music and drama.

Schedule an appointment by calling +254 722 291 833/ +243 735 327 211

Waldorf School

Located in Karen, The Waldorf School prides itself on being a community within a school. The kindergarten currently holds children between the ages of 2 to 6 years and uniquely takes their children through a transition period during their last year of kindergarten. The school year runs from September to July and is divided into 3 terms.

Some of the schools’ extracurricular activities include: music, handwork, woodwork and clay work and, Eurythmy (an art form consisting of music, sound and movement and promoting coordination and grace)

Classes start at 8:00am-3:00pm with a half day schedule that ends at noon offered.

They also offer breakfast, lunch and transport. Call +254 719 504 148/ +254 722 823 463 to arrange a visit to the school.

Pink Tower Children’s House

This school has two locations;

  1. Convent Road, Opposite Chalbi Drive
  2. Mzima Springs

This school invests in children by positively building their character. Highly qualified teachers educate their students using the Montessori methods. The school’s primary goal is to cater to a child’s P.I.L.E.S;

  • P – Physical needs
  • I -Intellectual needs
  • L – Language development
  • E – Emotional needs
  • S – Social & spiritual needs

Some of the school’s extracurricular activities are: everyday living activities, art, school trips, music & movement, sports and computer.

*If you’d like your child to have a taste of Waldorf education for FREE even if it’s just for 3 days, sign them up for the Waldorf Woodlands pre school trial call to 0727 524850  to find out more.

*Image: Durham

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