Top 5 Notable Kenyan Technologies

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Posted: September 15, 2017  

Top 5 Notable Kenyan Technologies

The wave of technology and innovations is sweeping through the entire universe. Some countries and cities are looked upon as the originators and potential originators of such technologies. But some other unexpected cities and countries have succeeded in coming up with some unusual technologies that are actually helping the world solve its prominent problems. One of the countries that have been huge in the creation of both software and hardware that could be used to better the human race is Kenya. It has been leading the African continent alongside South Africa in the development of apps that have received global acclaim, and the top 5 are listed below.

1. Ushahidi
We all know that every invention that the world has seen was actually birthed by necessity. That is what happened in this app. The 2007-2008 election in Kenya was marred by violence in the country. This led some young tech professionals to go about picking data of pockets of violence in the cities as shared by people through texts and emails. They take all these and upload them to the Google map. Through this, a trailblazing information mapping and visualization tool was born. It was named Ushahidi in Swahili, and this means “testimony” or “witness”. This was even used in the 2016 United States election.

2. M-Pesa
This is another problem solving app. the fact that the population of Kenyans with access to a bank account is only 5% gave rise to this. This was designed to give them an avenue through which they can transfer money without recourse to the bank. And, it is revolutionizing the way people manage, send, and receive money today in Kenya. This includes how money could be paid into a Mr. Green casino account.

3. M-Pepea
After the M-Pesa in 2008, year 2010 saw the birth of M-Pepea. This is an app through which loans are offered to employees within a few hours. It is organized in such a way that businesses that offer loans and workers that need these loans are brought together in the platform. With pin codes, loans of up to 20% of the employer’s salary could be accessed in cash machines and Safaricom offices. The loan amount plus a 10% interest are later deducted from next month’s salary of the employee. This has up to 300 subscribers and 20 businesses working through it in Kenya. It is spreading to other places, and just like playing casino online, this will surely get to other countries.

Top 5 Notable Kenyan Technologies

4. iCow
This is an agriculture based app that was written by Su Kahumbu of Kenya. This is compatible with the basic mobile phones that are affordable for the farmers. Animals are registered on the app, and it keeps reminding the owner of the schedules for milking and immunization. Nutrition and breeding tips, plus information about local vets and artificial insemination are also offered through the app. this was described as an unexpected constituency, but it is now attracting interests from across the world.

5. GotIssuez
This is a response to the disdainful treatment most consumers get from manufacturers. Through this app, complaints can be laid and companies are given the chance to respond and resolve the issues. It gives the customers the opportunity to engage each other and to know more about products while issues are also resolved by the producers. It has both the web and mobile platforms.

These are the apps making waves in Kenya and other African nations now.

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