Top 3 Movies to Write a Review On

Top 3 Movies to Write a Review On

The art of writing movie reviews requires the student to have sufficient knowledge regarding the movie since it gives thoughts on the characters, plot and shooting angles among other aspects. To be on the safe side, it is important to watch the movie so that the student can have complete details and confidence in whatever that they write.

Writers at WriteMyEssay.ca suggest that a movie review should have a thesis that is followed by a summary of the movie. In addition, the rest of the paragraphs involve an analysis of the movie based on the thesis statement which is accompanied by examples from the movie. A conclusion is equally important like any other kind of essay.

So, below are some of the 2018 movies that a student can write a review about.

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is an action-comedy movie that was released on 11th September 2014  and directed by Wes Ball. The movie is about a teenager named Thomas who is put in a huge labyrinth and has lost all the memories of his previous life. Therefore, he interacts with the other members of the group and turns out to demonstrate a unique perspective about finding out the way to escape out of the maze. Thomas is promoted to become Runner status whose duty is to patrol the maze in order to come up with an escape route. With the help of Teresa, Thomas does his best to convince the rest of the group members that he knows an escape route.

Molly’s Game

Molly’s Game is an American drama movie that was released on 25th December 2017 and directed by Aaron Sorkin. The director has incorporated different aspects of shooting a movie to come up with a story that is worth watching. Molly’s Game is about Molly Bloom who was a skier and participated in various high stake poker games in the world before FBI agents arrested her. She had various players such as the Russian mob, business titans, and sports stars but her only friend was Charlie, Molly criminal defense lawyer who later discovered that there was more about molly than the people thought.

The Post

The Post is a historical thriller film that was released on 12th January 2018 and directed by Steven Spielberg.  The movie is about bringing out truths that were buried a long time ago that involves four US presidents in a span of three decades. The exercise is carried out by Katharine Graham who is the first Female publisher of one the major American newspapers. She seeks the help of an Editor known as Ben to uncover the stories hence risking their careers and freedom. It is a dangerous game that calls for the duo to overcome their differences so that they can succeed in the activity.

Reasons behind the Choice 

One of the main reasons as to why the three movies are good for reviewing is that each of them has a central theme that does not require a lot of knowledge for a person to review them. An example is the theme of cooperation that is required in the world of games for one to succeed. As well, The Post displays such a theme since the two main characters have to cooperate with one another to bring out the secrets. The Maze Runner and Molly’s Game have a common theme of games that are played in the current world. Therefore, most of the students are aware of what they expect from the movie hence making it easy for them to review it.

In addition, these are the movies of a specific genre. College students have enough knowledge to differentiate the different movie genres and what to expect from them. Therefore, the three movies are a great choice because the student can also consider the manner in which other movie aspects have been used to enhance the different genres. Among such aspects are the shooting angles, lighting, and sounds which bring out the beauty of the movies. An example is the fact that the sounds and lighting used in a thriller movie will be different from those used in a comedy. Such aspects would create a strong basis for reviewing the movies.

Wrapping it up

Concisely, most of the college students find it interesting to watch movies during their free time and therefore, they have sufficient knowledge to write a movie review. In most cases, students love to watch current movies hence increasing the chances of one having watched a movie that they have been requested to write a review about. In addition, the above movies are a good choice because they represent different genres from which a student can choose to write on. As a result, the knowledge about a movie would make it easy for the student to provide their views regarding the movie.




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