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Top 10 Kenyan Fashion Blogs

27 May 2014 | By Wangechi Maina

Fashion in Kenya is coming of age, if the mushrooming of local fashion blogs is anything to go by. Kenyan fashionistas are doing it all; from giving fashion advice, product and store reviews, giveaways to styling looks (both cheap and high-end) and providing stockist information.

For everything fashion, style, art, food and photography check out our ranking of fashion blogs according to their content, popularity,  likes and follows; and frequency of updates:

1 | Sharon Mundia’s which won the Blogger Association of Kenya (BAKE) Award for fashion, beauty, hair and style.

2 | The Kenyan Fashionado on

3 | Style by Silvia on

4 | The Fashion Notebook on

5 | Actress Joy Kendi’s

6 | 

7 |

8 | which comes with a bonus of tips on how to maintain natural hair

9 | by Anita Mogere shows curvy girls how to embrace and adorn their curves

10 | Fashion Watch panellist Annabel Onyango’s

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