Today in History: Saturn’s Dancing Rings

Today in History: Saturn’s Dancing Rings

Pic: nasa.gov

Your Monday may have started in a bumpy way, but I may have just the perfect idea to make the day brighten up.

Buckle up, we’re time traveling. All the way back to 1980, on a day like this.

November 12th, 1980

On this day, Voyager 1, a United States Planetary Voyager made history by flying within 77,000 miles of planet Saturn.

The photos Voyager 1 managed to take of the second largest planet in the entire solar system gave scientists slack mouths and increased heartbeats. Saturn proved to defy all logic baked by physics, with not the initial six rings they thought it had, but hundreds of them.

Surprisingly, each ring appeared to dance happily, buckle, and interlock in awe-evoking ways!

Now you know what happened today in history. Cheers.




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