To Want It All: Valeria Goes Missing

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: September 30, 2021  

Valeria has gone missing and no one knows where to find her! Valeria went with her boyfriend Leonel to his hometown, El Rosario for a visit. Since her arrival, she found it hard to adjust, having to face kidnapping and threats from the town’s many delinquents. In all these challenges, she found safety and comfort in the humble ranch worker, Mateo.

Mateo’s involvement with Valeria eventually became a problem for their partners, Sandy and Leonel. To avoid more conflicts, Valeria decided to go back to Mexico City with the excuse of fulfilling her modelling contracts. After an emotional goodbye to Mateo, Valeria boarded a helicopter with her manager, Remi and the two left El Rosario.

Unfortunately, the helicopter crashed a few minutes after takeoff and Mateo saw it all happen. He tried to get to the crash site but couldn’t cross the river because the bridge had collapsed. He had to take a long route to get to the site and when he did, Valeria was nowhere to be found. The authorities concluded that Valeria was most likely dead but Mateo refused to accept it until they found her body.

Will Valeria reappear unharmed? You can follow To Want It All on Citizen TV to find out!

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